Professional Trainings: Uprooted leads trainings for clergy, mental health professionals and lay leaders, to help them gain a deeper understanding of fertility journeys, while enhancing their pastoral and counseling skills.  These trainings include both academic and experiential modes of learning and cover topics that cross the broad spectrum of the fertility experience.  Uprooted is happy to tailor these trainings to your particular professional constituency.

Fertili-Talk speakers: Modeled after the TED Talk format, this program creates community awareness and deeper understanding about Jewish fertility journeys. Speakers delve into personal experiences through stories from a variety of fertility journeys. Tailored to each community’s needs, you choose the topics you think will have the most impact. The program includes a Q and A, time for reflections, and an opportunities for the speaker or another member of the Uprooted team to facilitate a discussion, lead a workshop, or give more of a formal presentation on a particular topic.

Uprooted Webinars: Help your professional or lay community gain greater understanding of knowledge about Jewish fertility journeys by hosting an Uprooted Webinar.  Recommended for small groups. Topics include (but are not limited to): Fertility 101, Sensitive Language, The Emotional Rollercoaster, and Struggling in the Jewish Community.

Communal Needs Assessment: Foster greater awareness and gather communal stakeholders to discern how to develop a supportive environment in your community. Uprooted offers a communal needs assessment to help determine a set of actions and programming vital for building community awareness and kindness. With community input, Uprooted will provide a list of recommendations for initiatives that will both draw attention to this field, and provide richer, broader spiritual care and resource ideas for those in need.

Consulting for individuals and communities: Are you passionate about creating a more inclusive community for those on a fertility journey, and want to know how to start your own groundswell? Uprooted offers consulting for both individuals and organizations looking to create programming in their community. We’re happy to work with JCCs, synagogues, rabbinical associations, and other professional and lay groups.

DIY Resources: Uprooted is working on materials that you can distribute in your community. These will be available on our website soon.