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Why an Uprooted Blog?

Uprooted seeks to create greater awareness about fertility challenges faced by many in the Jewish community. By sharing our stories, we give our community a window into our world and hope to guide them towards a deeper understanding, and greater sensitivity, of those struggling to grow their families. We share our stories so that anyone currently facing such challenges will not feel alone. We have been there, or are still there too.

Ba’Derech: Our Journey Journal

Uprooted’s Blog: Ba’Derech, is our journey journal. Ba’Derech means along the way, or on the path. We see our fertility experiences as journeys–filled with moments of hope, pain, loss, triumphs, and life lessons. Our blog is comprised of these moments as they directly connect to the Jewish calendar and yearly cycle. We hope that this blog will be filled with as many voices as possible and provide an outlet for those those who have traveled, or who are currently traveling, along their journey to to reflect, share, and heal, while allowing others to read, learn, and be inspired.

Share Your Story

If you are interested in writing a piece for Ba’Derech, please email Founder, Dalia Davis:

Welcome to Our Journey Journal

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