Are you passionate about creating a more inclusive community for those on a fertility journey, and want to know how to start your own groundswell? Often communal change begins with one person interested in making a difference. Uprooted offers consulting for both individuals and organizations looking to create programming in their community. We’re happy to work with JCCs, synagogues, rabbinical associations, and other professional and lay groups.

Why Uprooted?

Uprooted was born from the idea that one can feel uprooted from one’s self, one’s community, one’s vision for the future, and one’s body when going through family building struggles. Often, those struggling feel socially and spiritually isolated from the Jewish community.

What Do We Do?

Through programming, advocacy and ritual creation, Uprooted educates American Jewish leaders in assisting families with fertility challenges, and provides national communal support to those struggling to grow their families.  As Jewish values and tradition emphasize the importance of family and growing one’s family, Uprooted aims to create an American Jewish community where those struggling to achieve this goal feel supported and welcomed.


Artistic Expression and Community Awareness

TRYmester: Jewish Fertility Journeys Out Loud

Uprooted has designed a mixed media performance piece that reflects the struggle of fertility in the Jewish community. This performance is intended to engage the greater Jewish community in dialogue around the topic of fertility journeys by providing examples of people going through their own struggles. With music, dance and theater, TRYmester provides a model of using alternate methods of  expression to reflect the extremely intense emotional and physical struggle of fertility challenges.

Leadership Education and Training

Holding Hannah’s Hand: Professional Trainings and Initial Consultations

Uprooted leads trainings for clergy, mental health professionals and lay leaders, to help them gain a deeper understanding of fertility journeys, while enhancing their pastoral and counseling skills.  These trainings include both academic and experiential modes of learning and cover topics that cross the broad spectrum of the fertility experience.  Uprooted is happy to tailor these trainings to your particular professional constituency. During this time, Uprooted initiates consultations with local leaders to help them design long term sustainable programs at their synagogues/in their communities.

Pluralistic Healing and Support

Planting Roots: Building A Jewish Communal Conversation Around Fertility Journeys

Uprooted believes the Jewish community can adopt a more thoughtful, holistic approach to family building. This conversation will help build a foundation upon which to build a caring community and serve as the catalyst for other support, education, and awareness programs to follow based on communal input.  All voices are welcome whether or not you have personally been touched by a fertility journey. Together we can change the communal discourse and build a more sensitive, supportive Jewish community for those going through this struggle. Planting Roots uses experiential modalities to raise awareness, provide resources, and identify needs of those engaged in fertility struggles.

Healing Workshops

This program is designed for people who are currently on a fertility journey as well as those whose struggle may have reached a resolution.  Workshops are based on Fertility Journeys: A Jewish Healing Guide, published by Mayyim Hayyim, which Uprooted played a central role in creating.  Uprooted healing workshops honor the experience of participants and support them as they traverse their family building paths. Our format allows participants to articulate their experience differently and free them from labels or pre-determined definitions of infertility. This method of inclusive empowerment encourages self-exploration and discovery within a Jewish context and, as such, builds on the unique crossroad of emotional growth within a dedicated Jewish setting.

Traveler and Guide Program

This mentoring program is designed specifically for people who are experiencing challenges in building their family – as well as for those who have completed their journey and are looking to support others in the community. Our free service pairs individuals who are still navigating the family-building path (a Traveler) with another individual (a Guide) who has previously struggled with family-building and/or fertility issues and who’s process has reached a resolution.