Healing Workshops: These workshops are designed for people who are currently on a fertility journey as well as for those whose struggle may have concluded. Uprooted’s healing workshops are explorations of the Mayyim Hayyim Jewish Fertility Healing Guide, which Uprooted played a central role in creating. These workshops can be one time experiences or can be experienced as a series.

Traveler and Guide Program: This mentoring program is designed specifically for people who are experiencing challenges in building their family – as well as for those who have completed their journey and are looking to support others in the community. Our free service pairs individuals who are still navigating the family-building path (a Traveler) with another individual (a Guide) who has previously struggled with family-building and/or fertility issues and who’s process has reached a resolution.

ROOTS: ROOTS groups are micro-communities of 8-12 adults who are confronting a family building challenge. Each session is led by a Spiritual Advisor and a volunteer who hosts the group in their home to create a reflective space for peer support and loving comfort in Jewish wisdom and ritual.