woman-traveling-windowStruggling to build a family can be an isolating and demoralizing experience for many, but you do not need to suffer alone. The Uprooted community is here for you. We know that the path to parenthood is not always straightforward. Our Mentoring: Traveler and Guide Program is designed specifically for people who are experiencing challenges in building their family – as well as for those who have completed their journey and are looking to support others in the community. Our free service pairs an individual who is still navigating the family-building path (a Traveler) with another individual (a Guide) who has previously struggled with family-building and/or fertility issues and is now at a different place on their journey.

At Uprooted, we recognize the value of connecting because we have been there. We have taken different roads to parenthood, and we are here to help you form a meaningful connection with another member of the Jewish community as you travel along your own family-building path.

Getting started is easy: Uprooted has a database of Guides and their stories. Each journey is unique but you will find common experiences along the way. Read through the narratives to select a Guide whose story resonates with you.

Uprooted Guides provide compassionate support through confidential one-on-one phone conversations, emails, or Skype chats. Some people utilize their Guides for just a few phone calls during a particularly hard time, while others form lasting relationships without a specific end-date. You can use the Mentoring Program in the way that suits you best.