talkingWelcome to our Mentoring: Traveler and Guide program. We are glad you’re here. At times, the path to building your family (or growing your existing family) can be difficult and one understanding person can be an outstanding source of support.

Below, you will find the various stories of our Guides, each of whom has personally faced and overcome family-building challenges. They are ready to help by listening thoughtfully, sharing their own story, and most importantly, supporting you as you travel along your path. Our volunteers have a wide range of experiences including pregnancy loss, IVF, surrogacy, adoption, mental health challenges and procreation for gay and lesbian couples. Our Guides also represent a wide array of Jewish practices and affiliations, including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and unaffiliated. Search through the bios to find a person whose story resonates with you, and once you have identified a potential guide, fill out our traveler information form.

Prior to joining our volunteer pool, all Guide candidates have been interviewed by Uprooted staff members to insure that they are capable, empathic listeners who thoroughly understand their specific role, including the limitations of the relationship. Uprooted Guides cannot be used in place of qualified mental health therapists. Although some of our Guides do happen to be professionals, in their role as Uprooted Guide they are merely volunteering in a personal capacity, and not in a professional one.

Uprooted’s Mentoring: Traveler and Guide program does not constitute medical, therapeutic, or mental health treatment. It is a peer-to-peer, non-professional mentoring program. We are here to listen and provide support, but we cannot replace the qualified professionals working with you. Whether, and how, you choose to seek professional care is outside the scope of this program, and Uprooted and its employees, agents and volunteers are not liable for decisions made during or after your fertility journey. Travelers should refer to the terms and restrictions made available to them upon being assigned a mentor, and interested parties may request information from Uprooted’s staff.