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With a generous grant from the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, this group will meet at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT on the second Sunday of the month:

Sunday, July 12

Sunday, August 9

Sunday, September 14

Who makes up The ROOTS?

This group is open to folks at any point on their fertility journey – primary or secondary infertility, pregnancy loss, etc. – and people of all genders, races, and sexual orientations. Jews, Jewishly curious persons, and Jewishly-connected partners are welcome at ROOTS programs. Each session is led by a Therapeutic Advisor and a Spiritual Advisor who will guide participants through experiential learning sessions.

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There are no fees to register. To learn more or for any questions, please contact Rachel Spekman at

These organizations are Uprooted’s creative and funding partners. We thank them for sponsoring the ROOTS groups.

Uprooted: A Jewish Response to Fertility Journeys is a pluralistic organization. We define ‘Jewish,’ ‘man,’ ‘woman,’ and ‘fertility journeys’ broadly and inclusively to accord with our values:

  • ‘Jewish’ describes all Jews and Jewishly-curious persons or partners who self-affiliate with Judaism, Jewish values, Jewish culture, Jewish history, or Jewish peoplehood. 
  • ‘Men’ indicates cisgender men, trans men, and all persons who self-identify with the term ‘man.’
  • ‘Women’ indicates cisgender women, trans women, and all persons who self-identify with the term ‘woman.’
  • A ‘fertility journey’ is the summative, psychophysical, and social experience of growing a family. For some, a fertility journey is never-ending–it is formative to their lifelong decision making, attitudes, and self-image.